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Vital Drip IV Hydration

  • OKC/Tulsa and Surrounding areas

Vital Drip Hydration is a professional, fully mobile IV hydration service that also has an office located in OneHealthy Bod Fitness located at @14414 N Lincoln Blvd #200, Edmond, OK 73013. Vital Drip hydration provides you with highly skilled nurses in our office or your place of comfort! We are here to help you restore, rehydrate, and revitalize no matter the cause. Whether you are feeling under the weather, hungover, crushed your workout or trying to stay ahead of the hydration game, WE COME TO YOU! We understand ‘Drip’ Happens!

Ingredients include: 1 Liter of 0.9% Normal Saline, Magnesium, Vitamin C, B6, B complex, and Glutathione


14414 N Lincoln Blvd #200, Edmond, OK 73013


Frequently asked questions

  • We have a wide variety of bags for just about every need, from beauty glow to immunity boost. We can help guide you! 
  • Here are some comments from our clients about the benefits.
  • The services are not covered by insurance but you can use your FSA or HSA cards to pay for our services. 
  • Every other week or once a month. To truly get the best benefits we don’t want to over do it. In the mean time between IVs we also suggest continuing oral vitamins along with eating healthy as well! 
  • We do have memberships! We have a silver plan which is 3 IVs for 3 months at $500 or gold package 6 IV drips for 6 months for $900! 
  • If you want to have a party…. We love to party! Book ahead and also groups of 5 or more get 15% off all services!