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Vital Drip Hydration

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Cody Larson BSN,RN

Cody is a bachelors degree’d ER nurse with nine years of experience in Trauma and Hospital settings. After years of caring for emergency patients in a multitude of settings, Cody is bringing his professional experience and proven skills to provide caring concierge services to clients in their own place of comfort. In his spare time Cody loves to spent time with his wonderful wife and kids. When he is not starting IVs you can find Cody by the grill, or watching the Dallas Cowboys play. 

Bri, RN

Bri is an experienced ER nurse with a passion for health and fitness. With two years of dedicated service in the hospital setting, she brings compassion and expertise to her work every day. Outside of the hospital, Bri cherishes moments with her family and frenchie, Tank. Her background in bodybuilding, cheer, and Olympic weightlifting reflects her commitment to physical well-being. Bri is dedicated to empowering others on their journey to optimal health and fitness.

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