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At Vital Drip we offer a convenient and effective way to replenish your body from lost fluid, essential vitamins and minerals. Whether you're recovering from a night out or suffering from dehydration due to illness or exercise, we have a combination blend of drip just for you. Our vitamin blends are fast and efficient ways to boost your energy levels and improve your overall well-being. Certain drips may also help alleviate a range of symptoms like headaches, fatigue, and nausea. So if you're feeling run down or dehydrated, let us help you get back on your feet with our convenient and effective service. At Vital Drip Hydration we understand “Drip Happens”

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Aggie Bag - $99

  • Feeling a little sluggish or looking for a little extra pick me up? Well you found it! With Aggie Bag we bring all of our Aggie fans the quick, instant hydration you may have been missing! No matter the cause of your dehydration we got you!

Athlete Recovery - $180

  • Vital hydration starts with Amino acids and B12 to help with muscle conditioning, recovery and endurance. This blend also assists in our bodies nervous system, metabolism and protein synthesis.

'Drip' Happened - $180

  • Known as the “Hangover cure” This Drip contains essential vitamins and minerals to combat dehydration and reduce oxidative stress on the liver, cardiovascular, and endocrine systems by assisting in detoxification of the body. Reduces nausea which is also helpful to recovery.

Immunity Builder - $180

  • This Immunity boost  Provides Vitamin C and Zinc to help protect cells, assist healing and act as a powerful antioxidant

Quick Drip - $75

  • Short on time or in a rush? Then this bag of pure hydration happiness is for you. 

Myers Cocktail - $200

  • Known as a banana bag this combination of vitamins increases metabolism, and replaces lost electrolytes. This will revitalize, enhance relaxation, recovery, reduce blood pressure and stress

Migraine Relief - $180

Migraines can be debilitating! Don’t Let them ruin your day! Our Migraine Relief cocktail is specifically designed to provide you with the much-needed relief you’ve been begging for. With a potent combination of B6, B complex, and Magnesium, our cocktail is designed to help reduce inflammation and relieve stress, two key factors that contribute to the onset of migraines.

Energy Boost - $180

Our Energy Boost cocktail infuses our Mineral blend, Vitamin C, B complex, and Magnesium directly into your bloodstream, replenishing your body and re-energizing your cells. This swift boost helps you recover from dehydration, fatigue, and other common ailments that can leave you feeling sluggish and fatigued. Whether you’re an athlete, a business professional, or anyone in need of a quick energy boost we’ve got you! You’ll be able to take on the day with renewed energy, focus, and vitality.

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